Monday, November 1, 2010

Baju Tunang : Dzihni Boutique

After recommendations from a close friend, I decided to get my engagement dress done by Dzihni, all the way in Bangi. Kak Ina, the tailor, has a good reputation of working with Dzul Classics before she opened up her own boutique a few months back. I've seen her work and I must say they look nice and tailored to suit the wearer. Some of my inspirations for the dress:

*Sorry not sure who to credit, since I just collect random photos on my computer and forget where they came from. The first one might have come from a Rizalman Collection*

She was good at explaining. Sangat jelas ok penerangan die! Looked like she knew what she was doing. The only bad news was my cloth was not enough to create the design I wanted. A bit disappointing, but she helped elaborate on the type of cloth that was suitable and how to get the extra cloth I needed. She also gave good suggestions to accentuate the dress. So I was happy, despite my baju still not sent to the tailors. Will quickly drop by Jalan TAR tomorrow to get what ever and leave the cloth at the tailor. Jalan-jalan cari kerja while the bf travelling around, talking Mandarin (or maybe just reading Kanji) and drinking Chinese tea.

*Edit: I ended up not wearing the baju tunang tailored from Dzhini. Was a bit upset when I first saw the finished baju tunang. It was nothing at all as I had asked for. Not really interested to condemn any parties, but my views before and after sending the fabric are completely different. If you really are interested to know what happened, please feel free to email me. Will be searching for a different tailor for my akad. By the way, check out my engagement photos, my mum did the top and the white kain was the tailored one :) mum's just awesome like that!


-✿Ayu✿- said...

huhu... what happened to ur baju tunang yg u tempah dgn Dzihni tu... i'm looking for a tailor utk baju tunang i jgk... tp still keep reviewing... tak sure nk antr dkt dzihni tu ke x... huhuh pls email me

Akmal said...

Hi Ayu, thanks for reading. Will email u as soon as I can ^_^

Good Generosity said...

Please tell me what happened..
I baru berniat nak hantar kat situ.. now dah goyah2 dah..

Akmal said...

Good Generosity, have emailed you :) Different people, different experience. Maybe sekarang dah better kot service drg

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